What is visitors insurance  
      Visitor insurance is medical coverage for people visiting USA for pleasure, business or to study. Generally the trip lasts from 1 week to a year or more, but the traveler not in USA on a permanent basis.  
    How does visitors insurance differ from international medical insurance  
      Both policies provide medical insurance for people traveling outside their home country. However Visitor Insurance is specifically for people visiting USA and International Medical Insurance for anyone traveling outside their home country, to any part of the world including USA.  
    What is deductible  
      It is an amount which the insured will pay first before insurance company start paying the claim. For example if you have selected $500 as deductible then the first $500 of approved medical bills are paid by you and then insurance company start paying the claim.  
    Is the deductible for the entire policy or per incident  
      Based on the plan you have applied for the deductible can be for the entire policy period or per illness / sickness or incident.  
    What is co-insurance  
      Co-insurance means that the claims are paid by two parties together i.e. the insured and the insurance company, normally at a %age.  
    What is schedule fee / fixed benefits  
      This means that the insurance company will pay the claims according to the schedule of benefits listed in the policy and not according to the claim received by the hospital / doctor.  
    What is emergency medical evacuation.  
      mergency medical evacuation is urgent transportation of the patient from the sight of the accident / incident to the nearest hospital. This is normally done via helicopter due to the critical nature of the injury / accident.  
    What is daily hospital indemnity coverage  
      This is the daily incidental allowance which the insurance company will pay for staying in the hospital. This amount is separate from the actual claim for hospitalization. Daily hospital indemnity can be used for food, clothing and other daily charges.  
    When should the coverage start  
      Ideally the coverage should start from the departure date from home country, since travel policies cover transit and travel. You can also start coverage after reaching your travel destination; however some policies require that the coverage must begin with certain months of arrival.  
    What is the pre-existing medical condition  
      This is any medical condition for which the insured should or would have sought medical advice.  
    What is meant by per incident or per illness medical coverage  
      This means that the coverage amount is available for each and every new illness, sickness or incident. For example if the coverage is $50K per incident, then each new illness, sickness or injury will have separate $50K coverage available.  
    What is meant by per incident or per illness deductible  
      This means that for each separate illness, sickness or injury there is a new deductible to paid before insurance company starts paying the claims.  
    What is policy period  
      This is the period / term of the coverage. This starts from the effective date of the policy and ends with the policy expires, unless it is renewed. In that case the same policy period is extended.  
    What is medical maximum amount  
      This is the coverage amount for the medical claims / bills. You have an option of selecting this amount according to your needs.  
    Are preventive care visits covered  
      No, preventive care visits are not covered under travel policies. Generally you should get all the preventive care visits down in your home country.  
    Are ongoing medical conditions or medications covered  
      Generally the answer is no, however there are couple of policies which provides some pre-existing medical coverage. Altas Series provides $15K coverage for Acute Onset of pre-existing medical condition for visitors below age 70 years. Inbound USA also provides a limited optional pre-ex medical coverage.  
    Is there any maternity coverage available  
      No, regular maternity or any related treatment is not covered under travel plans, however there are few plans which covers any complications of maternity.  
    Can I purchase on behalf of the visitor / traveler  
      Yes, anyone can purchase policy on behalf of the visitor / traveler.  
    How to reduce the premiums  
      The best way to reduce the premiums is to increase the deductible. Higher the deductible, lower the premiums. Also depending on age of the person, Schedule Fee plans might be better suited, which are generally lower in premiums.  
    Should I buy for the entire stay  
      If you are sure of the length of the stay then you can purchase the policy for the entire period. However if you are not sure then you can purchase the policy for any number of days and keep renewing it.  
    Can I renew an existing policy  
      Yes. Majority of the visitors / international medical plans are renewable.  
    22. Will I get a discount for buying longer period of insurance  
      No. There is no discount for purchasing a policy for longer term period.  
    Will the policy cover transit and travel as well  
      Yes, the travel policies cover a person the moment he / she leaves the home country as long as the policy has been in place.  
    Will the policy cover visits / stays outside USA  
      All Co-insurance plans cover you outside USA for any number of days as long as the policy has been in effect. Schedule Fee plans are generally for coverage in USA and will only cover incidental trips outside USA.  
    Which hospitals and doctors can I visit in USA  
      In case of emergency you can go to the nearest facility or call 911. In non-emergency cases, co-insurance plans have a provider directory which must be accessed to get the discounts and also the claim will be filed directly by the hospital. Schedule Fee plans do not restrict you from going to any provider on your own choice.  
    Which hospitals and doctors can I visit outside USA  
      Outside USA there is no restriction on seeing any doctor or hospital.  
    How is the claim filed with the insurance company  
      Generally in USA the provider (hospital / doctor) will file the claim directly with the insurance company. Outside USA depending on the country you are visiting the provider can file claims with the insurance company.  
    Is maternity covered under the travel plans  
      No, there is maternity coverage under the international medical plans. However there are some plans which provide limited coverage for complications of maternity.  
    If I pay a medical bill directly, will I get reimbursed?  
      Yes, you will get reimbursed, provided the claim was filed in time with necessary information provided and is covered illness.  
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