Schedule Fee Plans

Schedule fee plans are primarily for people visiting the US Only. These plans do not cover trips or stay outside USA. However incidental trips to Canada are covered.

    Is the medical coverage amount for the entire policy period  
      The medical coverage under schedule fee plans is per incident / illness / sickness or injury. So each time there is a new un-related incident, there will be a new medical coverage amount.  
    Is the deductible for the entire policy period  
      The deductible also works the same way as medical coverage amount. Each time there is a new un-related incident, there will be a new deductible to satisfy.  
    Is there a limit to my exposure  
      Since this is a schedule feel plan, so there is no cap on your exposure limit. In fact insurance company caps their cost according to the schedule of benefits. Anything over and above that will be your responsibility. The provider / hospital will charge you for the difference between what the insurance company pays and what the total cost was.  
    Can I renew these plans  
      Yes, these are renewable plans and can be renewed online before the policy expiry date.  
    Will I pay more if I renew the plans  
      No. The premiums are based on the age of the person and there is no discount on purchasing the policy for a longer period of time. If the age bracket has not changed at the renewal time, then the premiums will remain same.  
    Is there any network provider I can visit  
      No. Since under these plans, insurance companies only pay a fixed amount for each covered service, so you have the flexibility to see any doctor of your own choice. However most insurance companies are contracted with provider networks in US for ease of accessibility.  
    Will this policy cover for visits to Europe / Canada  
    Will the policy cover travel and transit period  
      Yes. These plans cover your travel and transit part of the journey while you are traveling to US or back to home country. Once you reach home country the policy coverage will cease.  
    How soon should I purchase this policy  
      It varies from policy to policy. Under some policies the coverage must start within 3 months or arrival in the US while on the other hand the coverage must start within 24 months of arrival.  
    Is there any Schedule fee plan which covers pre-ex conditions  
      Yes. Inbound USA and Inbound Guest have limited optional pre-existing medical condition coverage. Please review Visitor Insurance (with pre-ex coverage) tab on the home page for more details.  
    In the schedule of benefit what does Physician non-surgical/ urgent care visit of "Up to $100/visit, 1/day, 10/visits" mean  
      This means that for doctor office visit or urgent care visit, any covered visit will be paid by insurance company up to $100, after you pay the deductible. Furthermore it states that insurance company will cover one doctor visit a day and up to 10 visits for that illness or sickness.  
    What is the difference between in-patient and out-patient  
      In-patient means that the insured is admitted and spends the night at the hospital, while outpatient covers any day procedures or services at a clinic where you do not have to spend the night at the medical facility.  
    Can I purchase this plan on behalf of the visitor if he is already in US  
      Yes, you can purchase plans for any visitor as long as you purchase them within the allowed time period per each policy requirement.  
    In what situations schedule fee plans are the best option  
      Each plan has its own pros and cons. Generally we have seen that people who are over 70, especially 80+ tends to purchase schedule fee plans. Also premium wise, schedule fee plans are economical.  
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