Administration Renewal
    How can I make any changes to existing policy  
      On existing policies any changes must be submitted in writing along with the policy number and we will get them updated / changed.  
    How can I make any corrections to existing policy  
      Simple, just email us the change and we will update it.  
    When will I get the renewal notice  
      Based on which policy you currently have, the renewal notice is emailed to you about 2-4 weeks prior to expiry date.  
    Can I renew online  
      Yes. This is the preferred way to renew the policy instantly. As long as the policy has not expired, you can renew it any time online or by calling us.  
    Will the premiums change at renewal time  
      No. unless the insured's age bracket has not changed, the premiums will remain the same.  
    Is there any processing fee charged at renewal  
      Based on the policy you are enrolled in, the admin fee varies from $0 to $10 each time you renew the policy. The renewal fee is per policy and not per person.  
    Why should I renew the policy, instead of purchasing it again  
      When you renew the policy, the deductible and co-insurance will carry forward and you do not have to start it again. Also most importantly, your pre-existing clause will not reset if you renew the policy.  
    How long can I keep on renewing the policy  
      You can keep on renewing the policy till the maximum coverage period allowed in the policy. Based on the policy, the maximum period can vary from 6 months 5 years.  
    Will the premium change at renewal if the age of the traveler changes  
      No. The premium will remain the same; however the coverage will decrease based on the new age bracket which the person is in.  
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